What are Krobo Beads?

by African Beads on August 27, 2009


We often receive the question, what exactly are krobo beads? We hear the term oh so often, yet it can sometimes be difficult to find adequate information as to what these beads are on Google or other search engines.

Krobo is a district in Ghana, Africa. So to put it simple, Krobo beads are beads made by the craftsmen and craftswomen of Krobo :) Often referred to as powder glass beads, these beads are used by natives for all sorts of ritual including birth, marriage, and death.

These amazing handmade beads are typically made in upright molds, which are formed from Ghana clay. Inside the molds, there are slots, each of which hold a single bead. Craftsmen and women fill the molds with a very fine ground glass in different layers to form certain patterns with the colors. The molds are fired up in kilns (also made with locally dug clay).

Krobo beads come in thousands of different colors, shapes, and designs. Because they are handmade in literally hundreds of different locations, it is rare that you will find two strands of Krobo beads alike.

If you are looking to purchase Krobo beads, or would like more information on how they are made, checkout The Bead Chest. They have a beautiful selection, and a more detailed description on how these handmade beads are created by the Krobo craftsmen and craftswomen.

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  • Jeanette

    Wow, this is so informative…I was always curious how krobo beads were made. Thanks so much! :)

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